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Virtue Roulette at the Outrage Emporium

On Dave Chappelle and why we can't cherry-pick the fruits of intersectionality

In today’s virtue roulette at the outrage emporium, we on the left are engaged in the inane act of cherry picking lines from comedian Dave Chappelle’s new special, The Closer, to support the argument that, when it comes to comedy and critique, vulnerable groups ought to be immune. In the special, Chappelle levels brutal attacks […]

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A Ventilator Story

Into the ether with the Beepy Muck Muck Blues

I was on a ventilator once, so close to dying that they actually called a chaplain in (it’s been 10 years but you can still see the cleft in my throat from my tracheostomy). The doctors told my family to rush back to the hospital, that this really could be it. I, meanwhile, floated in […]

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Texas **Squirrel**            Abortion **Squirrel**              Roe v. Wade **Squirrel**

... or why the Left needs to stop playing whack-a-mole and actually do something about abortion

HEY….. YOU….. FOCUS!  Remember all the cynical, tragically effective “let’s trigger libs” trolling of the Trump era? The bad faith chatter isn’t abating, but…. exhale … it’s no longer coming from a place of power. Even a modicum of focus would allow the left to set the agenda in a way that ensures priorities (including […]

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SCALING LINCOLN: A Reflection on Patriotism, White Privilege and the Elasticity of Our Ideals

DC belongs to all of us, but for four years, it felt like it was mine and mine alone.  Needless to say, this is a story of immense white privilege. In 2000, at just a tic over 18 years old, I moved into George Washington University’s Thurston Hall, a mega-Dorm for freshmen. That put me […]

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Critical Review: Chuck Klosterman On Chinese Democracy and the Difference between Review and Criticism

Perhaps the most anticipated album of our age, Guns ‘N Roses’ long-brewing Chinese Democracy broke its 15-year gestation period with a bit of a whimper. While the media’s incredulous exhortations of the album were unrelenting in the weeks before its release, sales and radio response have been somewhat less stunning. The critical reaction is similarly mixed: Paste called the record […]

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The Jewel Bright Hardness: Thoughts on Support and Understanding While in Recovery

The night is long, and you are all alone. Even snuggled in the softest cotton, a darkness consumes the stream of hospital lights peaking under the door, shadows snickering into the spiked malaise of the sick body below. Drug addicts call the moment of dispossessed terror a “K-Hole,” but I prefer the image of a […]

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Staying Classic in Trendy Times: Chris Bray of Billykirk on Life and Leather

Clothing trends come and go faster than a super-cute fashion-week freebie. But the prominent leather impresarios behind Billykirk simply aren’t interested. Partnering with the Pennsylvania Dutch, brothers Chris and Kirk Bray create a line of handmade leather products that are simultaneously cosmopolitan and relics of a classic age. Yes, they’ve got a store in Lower […]

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Konono No. 1 and America's Obsession with the African "Other"

If there’s a more surprising convergence of cultures, I’d like to see it. Indie elitists (and a fair number of electronic music aficionados as well) have seized Konono No.1, whisking the decades-old act from their home in Congo. Of course, I’m not as surprised as the group’s members must be. For years Konono No.1 have […]

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Daybreak in Silicon Alley

General Assembly’s Matthew O. Brimer talks tech and the collaborative future of education

General Assembly cofounder Matthew Brimer may call himself an “instigator of mischief,” but his hijinks are more computer club than class clown. Before he was a superintendent of an edu-tech empire (alongside cofounders Jake Schwartz, Adam Pritzker, and Brad Hargreaves), he was just a struggling student navigating the choppy waters of his first failure. No […]

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Fear, Loathing, and Legacy: Why Hunter S. Thompson Ruins Writers

Drenched, nervous, fingers frenzied. The morning’s approach lends a frantic energy, an inexorable hunger for an end to this ruin. Stretched across the good and bad sides of anger and hate, caught inside some strange body, some insomniac’s shadowy skin, I press myself hard, against the full weight of the approaching sun. Please Lord; don’t […]

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