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Björk Plays Dirty Projectors, Live: 10 Anecdotes You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

Everyone knew last Friday’s one-off collaboration between NYC art-rock outfit Dirty Projectors and Icelandic pop institution Björk would be epic. The real question was, HOW big would it be? Brokered by Stereogum’s Brandon Stosuy, the meeting of the (very weird) minds took place after Projectors’ Dave Longstreth composed a piece — an ode to whales and Mount Wittenberg — […]

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8 Accessible (but off-the-radar) Albums You Can Use To Out-Gun Any Music Elitist

Nothing’s more satisfying in life than out-gunning a pack of unrepentant music elitists. Of course, you have to do your homework first (after all, it’s pretty easy to get flustered when music nerds start jaw-boning on needlessly obscure albums). After the jump we offer ammunition and eight off-the-radar but mainstream-accessible albums that non-nerds can listen […]

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A Brief History of Musicians & Murder

Ten artists who committed crazy serious crimes 

Hair jokes aside, we don’t see any levity in yesterday’s conviction of legendary girl-group producer Phil Spector. The Wall of Sound inventor was always eccentric, but, from the outside, it seemed a fairly benign insanity. (I mean, who hasn’t secretly wanted to take the Beatles down a peg?) I suppose there’s not much to say […]

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