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My Rhymes Come Cold: Jurassic 5's Marc 7 on Drugs, Meditation and Mastery 

There’s a dull click, then a soft fuzz. My ear perks as the needle meets wax. Head bowed, unassuming, a man reaches forward. Boom! With a whip of his wrist he sends a sharp stab across the audience. With a smooth lift, the man ushers in a moment of silence. Ears ringing, the crowd stands quietly, anticipating […]

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Staying Classic in Trendy Times: Chris Bray of Billykirk on Life and Leather

Clothing trends come and go faster than a super-cute fashion-week freebie. But the prominent leather impresarios behind Billykirk simply aren’t interested. Partnering with the Pennsylvania Dutch, brothers Chris and Kirk Bray create a line of handmade leather products that are simultaneously cosmopolitan and relics of a classic age. Yes, they’ve got a store in Lower […]

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Konono No. 1 and America's Obsession with the African "Other"

If there’s a more surprising convergence of cultures, I’d like to see it. Indie elitists (and a fair number of electronic music aficionados as well) have seized Konono No.1, whisking the decades-old act from their home in Congo. Of course, I’m not as surprised as the group’s members must be. For years Konono No.1 have […]

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Daybreak in Silicon Alley

General Assembly’s Matthew O. Brimer talks tech and the collaborative future of education

General Assembly cofounder Matthew Brimer may call himself an “instigator of mischief,” but his hijinks are more computer club than class clown. Before he was a superintendent of an edu-tech empire (alongside cofounders Jake Schwartz, Adam Pritzker, and Brad Hargreaves), he was just a struggling student navigating the choppy waters of his first failure. No […]

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How to Hack Your Head (Under Supervision of Science)

Neuroleadership pioneer David Rock on mind-hacking, and the science of motivation

When it comes to Dr. David Rock, the word “scientist” isn’t entirely adequate. The better descriptor is “evangelist.” With a striking Australian accent and a carnival barker’s ability to work the room (albeit one more TED talk than boardwalk), he’s a natural acolyte for the ability of science to improve the way we work.   The […]

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Fear, Loathing, and Legacy: Why Hunter S. Thompson Ruins Writers

Drenched, nervous, fingers frenzied. The morning’s approach lends a frantic energy, an inexorable hunger for an end to this ruin. Stretched across the good and bad sides of anger and hate, caught inside some strange body, some insomniac’s shadowy skin, I press myself hard, against the full weight of the approaching sun. Please Lord; don’t […]

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INTERVIEW: Talib Kweli on the Subtleties of Race in Music and the Impossibility of Selling Out

Even within the complex, persona-driven world of hip-hop, Talib Kweli is something of an enigma. He came up with progressive hip-hop act Black Star, shunning the bling mentality of other MCs for message-driven music extolling the social and intellectual ascendancy of African Americans. But, since striking out on his own, he’s engaged in a constant […]

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Future Feminism and the power of Yes

Sackler Center assistant curator Carmen Hermo on her mission and recent rise

If New York’s cultural titans ever held a highbrow rumble royale, MoMA, the Whitney, Guggenheim, and Brooklyn Museum would each make strong contenders for heavyweight ruler of international art. But Carmen Hermo wouldn’t be able to play favorites. Possessing one of New York’s most discerning eyes, the up-and-coming curator has had a finger in each […]

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INTERVIEW: Chris Rock Gets Down to Earth

Eyeing the movie industry, the raunchy comic takes situation comedy from 'PG-13' all the way to 'R'

Chris Rock hits hard and takes no prisoners. Unencumbered and unrelenting, Rock’s outrageously forthright brand of comedy levels potshots at white America, black America, the rich, the poor and, in the end, leaves everyone both a bit insulted and a bit amused. Now, after success in stand-up and on TV, Rock sets his sights on […]

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8 Accessible (but off-the-radar) Albums You Can Use To Out-Gun Any Music Elitist

Nothing’s more satisfying in life than out-gunning a pack of unrepentant music elitists. Of course, you have to do your homework first (after all, it’s pretty easy to get flustered when music nerds start jaw-boning on needlessly obscure albums). After the jump we offer ammunition and eight off-the-radar but mainstream-accessible albums that non-nerds can listen […]

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